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Ready to sing unafraid, shake-free, With Power and full of finesse?
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That's what it's all about. 
I'm Linnea. 
I am a singer & voice coach in the Bay Area, Ca and creator of

I help singers who are stuck in the anxiety of performance mentality learn how to fall back in love with singing so they can find true freedom and passion. 

I know what it's like to want to sing something so bad... And then try... voice cracks... breaks... throat tight... can't reach... 

This is enough to stop someone from setting their voice free. 

That's why I'm here! To help you set your voice free. To unlock you. sing your favorite song express yourself feel that freedom find your voice
Here, I will provide all of my singing resources and programs so that you can use voice and song to truly express yourself. 
Find Your Unique Singing Style
5 Things I Do For My Voice Everyday
5 Steps To Overcome Voice Cracking
Find Your Unique Singing Style
7 Singing Habits To Stop Right Now!
Linnea has helped singers all over the bay area and online take the stage with strong voices by helping them find their unique sound and conquering issues like shaky voice, restricted range, vocal tension, confidence... 

She started singing when she was 3, brought up in a multicultural musical family, led a old school cousin funk band at the age of 12, and started leading worship at 13 and continues to work with aspiring singers eager to develop their unique sound and stand out with strong, versatile and captivating voices. 

She loves working with genres including pop, rnb, soul, gospel, jazz, worship, ccm, alternative rock and loves preparing singers for all kinds of stages. 

She created Dynamic Vocalist to help singers overcome their vocal issues, find their unique sound and express themselves with freedom and passion.  
Linnea has helped her students unlocked their voice, write songs , prepare for auditions, studio sessions, musicals, talents shows and worship leading. 
Are You Gonna Sing Your Song?