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How To Live FULLY EXPRESSED in 2024 (Newsletter #1)

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

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How To Live Fully Expressed

Hey Beautiful Person!

Welcome to Be The Light Letter #1. 
The first of many.
I'm Linnea and I can't wait to share my heart with you more. 

This newsletter is designed to give you easy-to-digest bites of inspo, insights, tips and tools to live your fullest expression...NOW.  The time is now to share your gifts, use your voice, release your art, create, build and express. 


You will hear me say this a lot. 

This is what you are here on earth to do.
I will use this space to help you be, move, live in full expression. 

On your way to full expression, you will meet challenges along the way. 
Challenges that will test you to see how badly you want to live your true purpose. 
These tests can be grueling. 
But not as bad when you know you're not alone. 
I thought I was alone... I found my way through. 
And now I'm here to share with you how to courageously make moves to be who you were always meant to be. 

There is a reason why the majority don't embrace their fullness. 
Most come to the end of their life full of regrets. 
That doesn't have to be you. 

It is my intention to help you create and live a more fulfilled life. 
I believe that begins with saying YES to your fullest expression.

* What do I mean by "FULLEST EXPRESSION" 
* How to start living fully expressed today.
* How your fullest expression is your purpose.
* How you fullest expression is the antidote to most of your challenges in life. 
* Are you on the path of living your fullest expression?
* How living fully expressed will change the world. 

STORY TIME: When I Realized EXPRESSION was always the answer. 

 Almost exactly a year ago in December 2022 I was suffering from debilitating anxiety for about 4 months. It was so bad I couldn't sleep well, hold food down or get a good workout in because I felt so weak. My mind was racing, desperate for peace. What made this battle of anxiety alarming was the overwhelming feeling I felt in my body. I had experienced anxiety before - but not like this... and not this long. It was like a lingering tightness in my chest, stomach, muscles and even my brain. 

I would often hear voices in my head to "think happy thoughts. change your attitude". 
But I can honestly tell you - It wasn't working the way it used to. 
My mind, body and spirit were all hurting. 

I tried to tough it out. 
I tried to think power thoughts.
I tried all the calming supplements. 
I tried the gut health reset. 
I tried all the self care tactics.
I tried getting in the sun every morning. 
I tried morning and evening meditation. 
I tried advice from therapists. 
I tried all the church advice: pray, read your bible, listen to worship...
I tried my typical solution to my stress... a good massage or visit to the beach...

NOPE. The anxiety persisted. 

It started to feel like a dark and heavy cloud over me and no matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to escape it.
The inner turmoil was manifesting in my body and it started to effect ever area in my life. 

What was I missing? And what lesson was I supposed to be learning? 
I was struggling but my spirit would remind me that everything happens for a reason and for my good. 

I went on a deeper hunt for answers. 


I searched for videos and articles to rid me of anxiety and I already knew I didn't want any medication. I wanted to get to the root of my problem and I wanted a holistic solution. 

It wasn't until I came across a video on YouTube by Bob Proctor, that I realized the solution. In short it was this...

The are 2 paths.
1 leads to well-being/acceleration.
1 leads to disintegration(death). 

On the path to death/disintegration lives anxiety.
(I will share this method more in-depth in a later newsletter - It's so profound and has literally changed my life) 

Here comes my AHA...

Bob Proctor proceeded to explain that anxiety comes from SUPPRESSING your negative emotions. 

And as Tony Robins says, "emotions are energy in motion". 

When you suppress your negative emotions, you are trapping negative energy in your body.  

Anxiety comes when you SUPPRESS your thoughts, feelings and emotions.



EXPRESSION was always the answer! 

The singer, artist, creative in me started to wake up and connect the dots.
The truth of your emotions must be expressed. 

I was denying the negative emotions. 
I was shoving down all the pain.
I was acting like they didnt exists and all the while they were building up in my body. 

These thoughts, feelings and emotions were STUCK in my body. 
Nothing was going to bring me aid until I consciously invited honest expression.  

(...I feel emotional remembering this moment.)

-  Anxiety comes from SUPPRESSION. 
-  The antidote to suppression is EXPRESSION.  (thank you BOB PROCTOR)
-  The answer to my anxiety was understanding that I was suppressing all my truth feelings, fears and emotions.

In one week, everything changed. 

January 2023, my prayer was that I would have a strong inner world. I wanted to badly to feel inner peace and strength. I wanted true happy thoughts and true positive emotions. Not the fake strength I was so used to presenting.

I wanted real peace in my body. So I could actually do my purpose and live my life. 

January 2024, I can tell you, my inner world is so much stronger. 
I've learned how to regulate my emotions, release trapped emotions, feel the full spectrum of my feelings and be so honest with myself. This was the year I create a happy home in my mind, body and spirit. 

And it started with the revelation of EXPRESSION. 

It was simple and profound and the wildest part about was that, EXPRESSION has been my message all along. As a voice coach, artist, worship leader, and entrepreneur...It has always been my thing to help people unlock THAT THING inside of them - to help people to connect to their heart and soul and to help them remember who they are.

The answer was always with me and part of me. 
But now EXPRESSION means so much more to me. 

2023 was the year God imprinted EXPRESSION on my heart and showed me that this was my message. BEING THE LIGHT means living our fullest expression so we can impact the world.  It's all connected. 

So are you ready to change your life by embracing your fullest expression? 

Of course you are! If you've read this far, you are ready. 

Here are some takeaways: 

1) Most of your inner turmoil is coming from emotions, thoughts that you are suppressing. 

2) You can strengthen your inner world but utilizing the art of full expression. 


What do I mean by "FULLEST EXPRESSION"?

Living your fullest expression happens when you are operating in your true design, your essence, your core self. It is from this place that your unique gifts flow. Choosing to live in full expression means you embracing and embodying your unique abilities, talents, and qualities to their fullest extent. When you live fully expressed, you are living the most authentic version of you. It's the art of coming back to you and unleashing the most powerful version of you which is the most true and authentic you. When the world will encourage you to become something, I'm here to tell you that you goal is actually to discover who you are and BE you fully expressed.

How to start living fully expressed today?

I have 2 tips for you to start living fully expression today and that is to: 

1) get honest with yourself. I mean REALY honest with yourself. I couldn't begin to heal until I actually admitted to myself how I really felt about everything. This moment of honesty was scary. After a lifetime of presenting, performing and never showing my pain, I didn't want to admit the areas of me that were not happy, not strong and not ok.

2) Identify the ways in which you like to be creative. Creativity will lead you to your true self. We are all meant to create but it's easy to neglect the things that wake up our creative nature. 

How your fullest expression is your purpose?

Your fullest expression is your life's purpose. When you live in alignment with who you truly are, your purpose will be revealed.  Your purpose becomes more evident as you embrace your true self. 

How you fullest expression is the antidote to most of your challenges in life?

Living fully expressed can act as an antidote to many challenges in life. Most of your challenges will come from how you feel about what is happening in your life.  Living fully expressed will not only help you live authentically but it will prevent the pain and trauma that comes from SUPPRESSING the pain, confusion, frustration, grief, anger that may come in life. No one is immune to life's challenges but we can learn how to process life by fully expressing our true emotions and not shoving them down to the point of illness in body. 

Are you on the path of living your fullest expression?

This is a question you should ask yourself daily. The first step is awareness of living in full expression. Are you doing things you passionate about? Are you operating in your creative state?  Are you giving your all? Are you living from your heart? Are you moving towards your dreams? Are you following the inner voice that's tell you you were made for more? 

How living fully expressed will change the world. 

When you are are living in full expression, in your purpose, authentic to you, full present and alive, you unlock a dimension that is magnetic and contagious to those around you. Trust me on this. Test it even. Something magical happens when you release your magic. When you share your gifts, it will bless the world. And when you choose to express from your heart, it will lead you to live from your heart. 

Thank you for reading my very first newsletter!

Remember - living in full expression IS your purpose. 
You don't have to look outside of you to find your purpose.
It's all within you.
It's up to you to trust. 
It's up to you to choose your full expression. 

That's all for now. 
I hope you enjoyed this one. 
Until next time! 

- Linnea 

Hi, I Am Linnea Locsin

Expression Coach, Singer, Brand Strategist and the woman behind BE THE LIGHT!

I'm here to ignite you to step into the next version of you. We are meant to evolve, grow, heal constantly - but I'm witnessing the world get stuck in their past and its causing so much pain. It's time to unlock the light inside of you and I'm going to help you in any way I can.

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